Welcome to Madonna’s Cottage
      -a place of health for land and life
May Spirit Bless You Now & Always

My mission is to help assist people in taking those practical, small but sure steps to return our planet home to it’s original state of health as Gardeners of Eden*, and to establish Heaven here on Earth.*

            Nancy Joan Constance is a Healthy Land and Life 
                           Available by Appointment     
                       Contact me at 970-882-2228 
             or nancy@madonnacottage.com for the following.

          Walking the Dream
                      A pilgrimage along the crest of the Rocky Mountains from Dolores,  
                       Colorado to the Pacific Shore in British Columbia and thence back down
                      the Pacific crest to spread the vision of a peaceful way to live our lives
                     by forming spiritually and mentally healthy green communities that produce 
                     their own basic needs in a sustainable way, while trading specialty items 
                     with each other. This pilgrimage is in the planning stages since January 2014.
           Pilgrimage Update
                    Here you will find the latest news on how plans and enactment of the     
                    pilgrimage are commencing. I will update this as major new steps are taken
                   to complete the pilgrimage.

                   Gardeners of Eden Home, Workplace & Wildlands 
                      Health Survey, Recovery & Maintenance Consultation*
            in the field short courses to recover and maintain the Health of our
                       planet home -for small groups and organizations*              

            Wildlands, Corral & Garden to Table Coach/Trainer* 
                      Whole Food Health and Diet Re-visioning

            Companion, Service and Working Dog Coach Trainer

                 *For photos of Madonna’s Cottage activities at various places click here.

            *I am personally committed to living a respectful, responsible, peaceful, -in love life on our Mother Earth along with
                 my two-footed, four-footed, winged, & clothed in green sisters and brothers. My vows are of fidelity, simplicity, 
                 poverty, humility, hospitality, stability, and obedience to the divine laws ordained by‘The Beloved One of Trinity. 
                If with my talents and skills I make more money than I need to live modestly, then that money will be 
                returned to support sustainable activities in the communities in which I live and work.  
            *The term “Gardeners of Eden” was coined by author Dan Daggett in his book of the same name.